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Victor Trimondi

Victor Trimondi is a writer, a researcher in mythology and religion and a former publisher. In 2004 he replaced his original name Herbert Röttgen by his previously-used pen name Victor Trimondi.

Graduated in law from Cologne University. Subsequent studies in France and Munich (philosophy, art and history).  In 1967 he founded the Trikont publishing house in Munich. The Trikont Verlag cultivated a social activist program and was very closely linked to the 1968 protest movement. In the 1960s and 70s it was often described as the most prominent and original sub-cultural publisher in Germany. The best known title from this period was Che Guevara’s Bolivian Diary (1968). Other authors have been Régis Debray, Rudi Dutschke, Jerry Rubin, Daniel Cohn Bendit, Joschka Fischer, Toni Negri. Trikont published German-language books on feminism, gay rights and men’s movements, on various alternative lifestyles, green politics, anti-nuclear movement, regionalism, grey panther, the new American Native Movement, etc.

In the late 1970s Herbert Röttgen wrote a critique of the radical left: Vulkantänzelinke und alternative Ausgänge [Powder-kegs — Leftwing and Alternative Outcomes]. He saw a new and promising possibility in a "radical transformation of consciousness". Consequently he turned to the topic of applied spirituality and developed the contents of a new program that was supposed to pro-mote a discourse between religion and science, tradition and modernity, myth and history, mysticism and sensuality, as well as between various cultures and religions. To demonstrate the shift in publication policy he renamed the publishing house DianusTrikont. Some of the known authors from this period included: Theodore Rozsak, Morris Berman, David Bohm, Hazel Hendersen, David Steindl Rast, Dalai Lama XIV., Joseph Campbell, Rolling Thunder …. Trikont Dianus published books on shamanism, alternate states of consciousness, Tibetan Buddhism, Celtic renaissance, alternative economics.

Alongside its publishing activity, DianusTrikont also organized several congresses and symposia, either alone or in cooperation with other institutions with the  XIV. Dalai Lama, David Bohm, Fritjof Capra, Francisco Varela, David Steindl Rast, Rupert Sheldrake. Morris Berman, Robert Muller, Hazel Hendersen, William I. Thompson, Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker, Raimundo Panikkar, Marie Louise von Franz, Joseph Needham. In 1986 the Dianus Trikont publishing house closed. Its role in the protest movements and subcultures of the mid-sixties to mid-eighties of last century is subject of a number of academic studies.

In 1989 Victor Trimondi married his current wife, Victoria.

Victoria Trimondi

Victoria Trimondi is a writer, a researcher in mythology and religion and a former artist. In 2004 she replaced her original name Mariana Röttgen by her previously-used pen name Victoria Trimondi.

Born into a family of artists. Graduated from the Lycée Francais de Vienne. Speaks several languages. Trained as a violinist at the Vienna College of Music and at the Conservatory of the City of Vienna. Studied history and art history. Performance recitations in French with the Austrian composer Friedrich Cerha and the music ensemble "Die Reihe" in the Vienna Concert Hall. Artistic presenter of the Wiener Straussorchester [Viennese Strauss Orchestra]. Collaboration with the Russian Music Festivals in Tours, France. Freelancer for the ORF (state broadcaster).

1988 she staged the Intercultural Art Days (Kunsttage) festival ("Das Sakrale und die Kunst" [The Sacred and Art]). The festival was focused on an ecumenical meeting between nine religions, each represented by a delegate and an artist. The goal of the meeting was the search for a mutual inter-religious and intercultural communication despite divergent styles of ritual and differing metaphysical standpoints. The "language of art" was supposed to serve as a bridge-builder between the apparently unbridgeable religious fronts. Since 1986 intensive study of theology, mythology, history, the history of religion, depth psychology and related areas.

In 1989 Victoria Trimondi married her current husband, Victor.

Victor und Victoria Trimondi

Soon after their marriage the Trimondis intensified together their previous studies in theology, mythology, history, the history of religion, anthropology, art, depth psychology and related disciplines. Above all, they were interested in three mayor topics:

  1. The gender roles in religion and myth 
  2. The cultic mysteries’ and myths’ influence upon history and politics (eschatological and apocalyptic world views / unilateral claims to power and the "world throne" / ritual as politics — politics as ritual)
  3. The significance of the sacrificial rite in religion and its socio-political function

In 1990 they founded the Interkulturelle Gesellschaft für kreative Symbolforschung [Intercultural Society for the Creative Symbolic of Research]. Under their management this institution staged several meetings about comparative studies of myth and religion. Alongside this the couple co-authored a study of the mythological and symbolic background in history of modern science, from Copernicus to the construction of the hydrogen bomb (Die Kernspaltung GottesAlchemie als Welttheater – God’s Nuclear Fission  Alchemy as World Theatre).

At the end of 1994 the Trimondis began a research project spanning several years on the topic of "Die Bedeutung der traditionellen Religionen für die Weltebildung und Kreativität in einer Kultur der Zukunft" [The Significance of Traditional Religions for the Formation of Values and Creativity in a Future Culture]. Within the framework of this project three books have been published which did have much attention in the German and international media and have been vehemently discussed because of their critical approach.



The Shadow of the Dalai Lama – Sexuality, Magic and Politics in Tibetan Buddhism

(Der Schatten des Dalai Lama – Sexualität, Magie und Politik im tibetischen Buddhismus. Patmos Verlag)  An English version of the book is published in the internet under: The Shadow of the Dalai Lama



Hitler-Buddha-Krishna – An Unholy Alliance from the Third Reich until now

(Hitler-Buddha-Krishna – Eine unheilige Allianz vom Dritten Reich bis heute. Ueberreuter Verlag)



War of ReligionsPolitics, Faith and Terror in the sign of the Apocalypse (Krieg der Religionen – Politik, Glaube und Terror im Zeichen der Apokalypse Wilhelm Fink Verlag)


Since 2000 the Trimondis run the Trimondi Online Magazine with an English section: 

Press/publicity photographs of Victor and Victoria Trimondi are available from: Armin Brosch, Jutastrasse 26, 80636 Munich, Phone: (089) 123 34 15, Fax: (089) 123 34 16 



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