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Re:Your Dec. 8 article "Area Student get Current History Lesson on Tibet", by Kass Stone, at

Having done extensive research on the Tibet subject, I have found it to be akin to Iraq, Kosovo.  We are getting a lot of false information dished out to us by our government for political reasons, but interestingly, Tibet is portrayed as a fairy-tale land of perfection in peacefulness and compassion. The tale sounds too good to be true.  It plays on the yearning of spirituality from an American public drowning in materialism.

Most of our journalists have been doing very shallow research on Tibet. They copy each other's statements without having the time to dig through libraries.  I strongly urge you to do in-depth research.  One American passionate about the Tibet issue came away very changed in her opinion when she searched through the libraries and found every single map in our libraries dated in the years prior to the "invasion" showed Tibet to be part of China.  Sadly, our reporters are just copying each other's articles about an "invasion".  How many reporters have gone through the trouble of actually searching for historical facts from the relevant maps?


I suggest your press start being more careful in giving coverage to a group that is trying to infiltrate America through influencing young minds at our high schools.  As this Tibetan group admitted, the responses to their speeches were not as good at colleges.  College students tend to be more sceptical.

A simple Google search on CIA and Tibet can show you how much the CIA is behind the Tibet movement. Tibet has become a mass of propaganda woven between myths and emotionalism in world politics.

The Dalai Lama has aligned himself with the Hollywood set, the Free Tibet concerts.  All great publicity stunts.  Sadly, I find our country that values democracy, freedom, and separation of church and state would blindly support a god-king.

Please hear the alarm bell ring as a god-king ("spiritual leader" is euphoria for the Western taste) is mixed with politics.  In reality, Tibetans prostrate their entire bodies before the Dalai Lama in fear, witnessed by German publisher Victor Trimondi.  Please check out discussions on Trimondi's book "The Shadow of the Dalai Lama" at:
www.trimondi.de/EN/front.html. While initially impressed by the Dalai Lama back in the early 1980s, Trimondi has now studied enough to realize the Tibetan Buddhism is not what it seems.

Our busy journalists have not the time to do in-depth research.  But we need to teach our young to do their own research.  I strongly urge these high school students to check the libraries, and read more opposing views.  The future of our country depends on our younger generation being keen, and not fools who are led by sound bites.

Read Tashi Tsering's book on how he was a serf and was forced to leave his family behind at the age of 13 to serve the Dalai Lama's court in a book "The Struggle for Modern Tibet", co-author Melvyn Goldstein, a dedicated American professor specializing in Tibetan history. Tsering recounted that one of the Dalai Lama's brothers denied him an opportunity to obtain education.

Find out how the Dalai Lama rules against religious freedom.  Google search on "Shugden" to see how the Dalai Lama treated a different sect of Tibetan Buddhists.

Find out how the Tibetan Buddhism treats women as second class citizens.  Read the book “Traveler In Space: In Search of Female Identity in Tibetan Buddhism" by Scottish scholar June Campbell.

Find out how the Dalai Lama advocates ethnic segregation.  Read my article on the true state of ethnicity in China.  My ancestors are Mongols, and to tell you the truth, they were no different form the 13 colonies who took over this country.  In ancient days, people migrated freely.  The early Mongols viewed China as their country, and wanted a united China just as much as George Washington wanted a United States.  I have family documents in which my own 26th generation grandfather who was a prime minister under Kublei Khan proclaimed the Mongols were trying to save the country from hunger and chaos when they overthrew the Song Dynasty.

Multiple ethnicity roots run deep in China.  To go against the love of the ancestor worshipping Chinese people can get us into hot water with 1.3 billion people. As China is looming to be a major power in this century, our understanding of the Chinese people is vital. My article "How the Tibet movement can back fire on America" is at:

Our government led us into Vietnam, now Iraq. Many journalists have helped the Americans to see the truth in Vietnam, now Iraq.  While the Tibet issue is not of the utmost urgency at this moment with all that's going on in the Middle East, we need to wise up.  In many ways, my understanding of the Tibet issue has helped me see how our government misleads us about foreign issues.

In many ways, small lapses in our ability to recognize the reality behind propaganda campaigns can hurt us severely.  I hope all high school students will learn to think with logic and reason, and check and double check facts.  Verify everything they read in the newspapers with deep analysis and research.

Our reporters don't have the time in this profit-driven media. But our students must realize the importance of in-depth research.


Alice Ewing

(Editor of American Media Watch)




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