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This is the best research and the

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The Trimondis are those rare people that studied with a lama, in this case the Dalai Lama, and woke up to who and what these lamas are really about and left. After leaving they were determined to help other people not be fooled by Tibetan Buddhism, by informing them, with their vast research and documentation into the Kalachakra Tantra and the real history, sociology-political and religious history of Tibetan Buddhism and the lamas. They realized that the Tibetan Tantrism of the lamas is a sexually abusive and misogynistic, exploitative occult "religion" that, for the Dalai Lama, it is about power and massively expanding his religio-political power, just as Lamaism did in Tibet eventually creating the tyranny of a lama theocracy. Tibetan Buddhism is about creating an Adi-Buddha world view.


My husband and I did the same thing, left as a couple. I believe only couples usually leave this cult of Hindu Tantra together, with few exceptions, because they can support each other in the process. We know of hundreds of people, some of them friends, that will never come out, they have been so brain-washed by the lamas. After thirty years as a practicing Tibetan Buddhist with many lamas, I can confirm that what the Trimondis have written is accurate and that what Tibetan Buddhists are really practicing is a form of Hindu tantric guru-worship, not Buddhism, to allow a level of exploitation and power in their Sanghas, by the lamas, in order to recreate what they lost in Tibet. The Trimondi's book is the scholarly documentation and research that provides a "preponderance of evidence." of the Dalai Lama's ambitions to create his Buddhocracy all over the world and that he has had a very good start.

The Trimondi's have exhaustively documented their thesis that Tibetan Buddhism is dangerous to western civilization, through their deconstruction of the Kalachakra Wheel of Time Tantra and by exposing the Tibetan lamas' deep misogyny towards women, which I can affirm is 100% accurate. This is a world of androgynous priests who share their power with no one except as they can use them to promote their Adi Buddha world while keeping their secrets of keeping harems of women inside their Sanghas for their tantric sexual practices, the essence of their "religion."

It took me over three years, once out, to get my critical reasoning and executive functions of planning and intelligent inquiry again, after being with the lamas for so long. Very few people do come out. They are in a subtle trance that the lamas have created through various teachings: too much meditation, chanting, visualizations, etc. They don't leave because soon their whole reference points are the lamas and their group, just as in all cults. There are also the "fringe admirers," The Hollywood celebrities etc. and western politicians and other Buddhists who, not really knowing what goes on in these Sanghas, think that Tibetan Buddhism is really Buddhism. It is not. It is Hindu Tantric Vajrayana that after years of mantra chanting meditation, then purification practices, then vows of obedience to the lamas and then scaring us with terrible hell realms and consequences if one so much as criticized their lamas have created a group of Western enablers believing they will go to Rudra Hell if they criticize the lamas or reveal their secrets. In Tibet, the lamas would have just cut out your tongue or thrown you in a tied up gunny sack, in the river and said "We didn't kill him, the river did!"

They have created thousands of Western Tibetan Buddhists, who are actually in their thrall but who appear normal and articulate and well educated. In the Lamas' tantric cult, Westerners lose the ability to know right from wrong, and no longer know how to discriminate what is healthy or good for them or in groups. Yet these Western Lamaists present themselves as the cutting edge of "consciousness" promoting a "new merging of science and religion" that they say hold the "key to world happiness." They will hear no criticism of Tibetan Buddhism or the Dalai Lama and will attack anyone who says anything negative about the lamas. Just as they have vowed themselves to the Lamas to never have bad thoughts about their lama or see any "imperfections" in their gurus. They are taught any one critical of Tibetan Buddhism or the Dalai lama is a heretic or a Maoist, (as one negative reviewer suggested here [in] about the Trimondis) or mentally ill and a danger to their spiritual path. They are taught to shun people who are critical, thus closing off any debate. Anyone critical of the lamas, their students are taught, are a "danger to their own spiritual path and the harmony of the group." This is a totalitarian religious view that is pretending to the world that it is about freedom, openness and compassion.

They kept their own people enslaved with this guru worship for over a thousand years through their masterful propaganda techniques, rituals and theatre. They have already mentally programmed thousands of Tibetan Buddhists in the West and throughout Asia, Africa and even China now. This is the religious arm for the next Utopian Fascism for the World. The Corporatism of Communist and the wealthy elite in China are now using the lamas to create Han Buddhist hybrid vajra masters in China to quell any nascent democratic leanings in the Motherland.

The Trimondi's extensive documentation of the Dalai Lama's connections with Nazis and National Socialism and Fascism is a book in itself and should make everyone stand up and take notice and quickly.

The Dalai Lama's Mind and Life Institute, after fooling academics in the U.S. under his tantric spell, has now taken his show on the road to Europe, particularly to Germany. It is 1933 all over again in these halls of higher learning, when the Vichy and the Berlin "intelligentsia" and the Ivy Tower prestigious Universities here in the United States, were all in for Hitler's Germany. The sister ivy's the "seven sisters" were actually traveling to Germany in their junior years abroad on ships flying the Nazi flag and then returning , telling their colleagues and fellow students how wonderful Hitler's government was even though Kristallnacht had already occurred. It seems like the intellectuals are always the first to gravitate toward an elitist philosophy such as Tibetan Lamaism, to promote the next Utopian disaster. This time a number of them have attached themselves to globalization, corporatism and the Lamas, believing this will be the answer to the world's problems.

The Trimondi's have documented the troubling connections of the Dalai Lama with not just the Nazis, but also other elements in society and persons, such as Asahara who was a Japanese cult leader and tried to accelerate the Kalachakra prophecy, his inspiration for his sarin gas attack on a subway in Tokyo in 1995. Dictators have always seen the uses of the Tibetan Lamas since days of the Khans. The connections the Trimondis have made and the documentation they provide, will leave no one in any doubt that, by admiring the Dalai Lamas, one is in pretty scary company.

It was Hindu Brahman Tantric Vajrayana that took over the Buddhist teachings after the Buddha died. That is the "Buddhism" that came to Tibet and was what these lamas were practicing with each other, as they recognized each other as the God Kings that ruled all over Tibet. Despotically. . That is why the Tibetan lamas are on thrones, like Hindu gurus. Western Tibetan Buddhists become their enablers, their promoters of their Adi-Buddha world. Like Bob Thurman , another guru-worshiping Dalai Lamaist, whom the Trimondi's have watched over the years as he promotes these 11th century medievalists as the solution for all of the world's problems.

Their ability to keep their students under their thumbs is truly masterful in that people are not aware that that is what happening to them, It is similar to Scientology except that most people see the dangers of Scientology and many leave and try to warn others. Not so with Western Tibetan Buddhists who believe that they are studying the highest form of Buddhism as a path that will lead them forever out of "Samsara" they will then be able to help others by promoting this so-called secular spiritual path,. They then become fanatic true believers, who become shills for this tantric Vajrayana to spread; true believers that cannot be reasoned with anymore. Tibetan Lamaism is calling itself Buddhism, one of its many masks, knowing that that this would disguise what it was from the public and it could 'blend in' and be given legitimacy. It has borrowed many traditional teachings of other Buddhisms but it considers those inferior and only "preliminary" practices to their Tantric Vajrayana.

The Trimondi's exposed the occult of nature of the Vajrayana that the Dalai lama is really teaching and promoting as "Buddhism" They also spend considerable time deconstructing the myth that Tibetan Buddhism is "gender friendly" by exposing the true history of these Lamas and their views on women which are so deeply misogynistic that any belief that the Dalai Lama is telling truth that he is a "feminist" will be dispelled. Tibetan Buddhism is not promoting equality and more sexual freedom for women but is a highly sexually exploitative organization, whose religious teachings reflect and justify the lamas misogyny and promiscuous behaviors posing as "compassion" and "blessings" for their students. This is nothing the historical Buddha taught as the Trimondi's make clear to any traditional Buddhist if they read this book.

Instead, Buddhists of other traditions are now being massively fooled by the Dalai Lama and some have joined up with his Mind and Life Institute and have become guru-worshipers themselves, like Sharon Salzberg, Dan Goleman and Joseph Goldstein who are students now of not only the Dalai Lama but the sexually abusive Sogyal Rinpoche, when before they were strong activists, calling out sexual abuse of the lamas. That is why they were targeted to be flattered and inflated by the Dalai Lama, and brought on board the Mother Ship. Now Goldstein, who is a Tibetan Tantrist recommends, that the Three Streams, Hinayana, Mahayana and Vajrayana join as One Stream of Buddhism. They don't know that the lamas see everyone as heretics who don't believe in their "diamond vehicle" and their plan is to absorb all these other Buddhisms into their grand Adi-Buddha scheme. They have already started to do so.

The Trimondi's also go into the "Law of Inversion" of the tantric Vajrayana of Tibetan Buddhism, that gives permission and actually encourages the breaking of social taboos which they use in their groups to justify all kinds of egregious behavior by the lamas.

There is little that the Trimondi's have not covered in this book and it is all documented and verified.

The Trimondi's work lays out the whole picture, and connects the dots, like a vast, kaleidoscopic, putting all the pieces of Tibetan Tantric history, its practices, its connections with elements of fascism and totalitarianism and the dangers for western civilization Tibetan Buddhism poses, if it continues to expand and to be the most popular alternative. They have done a great service to the West. I only hope that enough people start waking up to what these Lamas are up too, and it is not "peace, love and harmony."

How peaceful and harmonious has the world become, since the Tibetan Lamas and their "Buddhism" was unleashed from Tibet on the rest of the world? How peaceful are the places where they have built most of their centers? Tibetan Tantra is not about peace it is about creating chaos , "orderly chaos" as Trungpa used to call it.


The Trimondi's exposition on Lamaism and the Dalai Lama was very helpful for me, in helping me come "all the way out" to see clearly what the Tibetan lamas, all of them, are really teaching. and what it has been connected to, over the centuries, and why it was always so crazy-making inside these Sanghas as we were being forced into a medieval mind set of misogynistic , sexually abusive occult tantric priests, who are hell-bent on ruling the world with their Tantric cosmology, just as they did in Tibet. This is NOT Buddhism.


Citation from the acknowledgments of the book “Enthralled – The Guru Cult of Tibetan Buddhism”:


American Buddha online led me to the work of the intrepid German couple, Victor, and Victoria Trimondi, who had been fooled by the Dalai Lama. The Trimondis even helped publish Dalai Lama books through their publishing company, Dianus Trikont Verlag, that organized the first meeting Dianus Trikont Verlag, that organized the first meeting Dianus Trikont Verlag between Francisco Varela and the Dalai Lama at an Alpbach-Austrian conference in 1983, thus birthing the idea of the Mind and Life Institute. They had helped him connect with many intellectuals in Germany, as well as the President of Austria, Kirchschläger (1986). As scholars and researchers, the Trimondis discovered that the Dalai Lama was presenting something quite different from what he really was: a leader of an occult priesthood, deeply androcentric and misogynistic, with apocalyptic visions and global ambitions to create a Buddhocracy throughout the world. This couple has continued, tirelessly, to warn people about Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ by deconstructing the Dalai Lama’s Tibetan Buddhist Kalachakra Wheel of Time Tantra, and documenting his connections with totalistic and fascist admirers of his world; one ruled by God Kings and Lord Chakravartins. Their research and writings have been indispensable as they provide a kaleidoscopic view that connects the dots as a warning to Western civilization. It is sure to become an academic treasure when the West comes out of its Shangri-La trance, as it is beginning to do.




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